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2 Powerscroft Rd
London, E5
United Kingdom

(+44) 792 274 4705

French language saturday school for adults and children in London Hackney - école FLAM de Français pour adultes et enfants à Londres Hackney. Bibliothèque / Library: plus de 1 500 livres et magazines en Français.  



Children will review all previous achievements, fill gaps and extend learning in the four language areas (vocabulary, grammar, spelling, conjugation).


  • Excellent knowledge of oral French.
  • Know tenses: present, French Compound Past, imperfect.
  • Grammatical knowledge: subjects, verbs, adverbs, complement, adjectives.
  • Excellent command of reading.
  • Good spelling.
  • Able to speak critically about a subject.


  • Main objective: complete the basic skills and achieve a very good command of oral French.
  • Excellent reading skills:
    • Fluent at reading
    • Be able to understand the meaning of a text, to rephrase it and to answer questions about it.
  • Oral command:
    • Able to speak critically about a subject and able to argue verbally (as in written).
    • Be able to comment on real events, to describe, to explain a process, to justify an answer, to invent and summarize stories, to write a poem.
    • Correct spelling (end of level CE2): grasp the grammar rule for special consonants (n becoming m when placed before m, b, p) and double consonants.
  • Conjugation :
    • Revision of the present and past tenses,
    • Learning the following tenses: Future, imperfect, conditional, pluperfect, preterite.
  • Grammar :
    • Recognize: subjects, verbs, adverbs, complements, Direct and Indirect objects, nominal groups, adjectives.
    • Knowledge and appropriate use of declarative, interrogative, exclamatory and imperative sentenses, as well as the affirmative and negative forms.
    • Making the difference between active and passive modes.
    • Adequate use of punctuation.


  • Comme un livre, CE2, Hachette éducation
  • Bescherelle, CE2 Exercices et dictées, Hatier
  • Bled, CE2 Grammaire-Orthographe-Conjugaison, Hachette éducation