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2 Powerscroft Rd
London, E5
United Kingdom

(+44) 792 274 4705

French language saturday school for adults and children in London Hackney - école FLAM de Français pour adultes et enfants à Londres Hackney. Bibliothèque / Library: plus de 1 500 livres et magazines en Français.  



Extension to the knowledge acquired at CE1 level regarding grammar, vocabulary, spelling and conjugation.


  • Express themselves fluently in French.
    • Describe an action, express an idea using an appropriate vocabulary.
    • Understand and restate an idea, a text, a story orally.
  • Read simple sentences and short texts.
  • Distinguish past, present and future tenses.
  • In the sentence, identify the subject and the verb.
  • Identify masculine / feminine - singular / plural nouns, determiners, adjectives.
  • Conjuguate the verbs from the 1st group (-er) at Present tense and verbs être (to be) and avoir (to have).


  • Main objective: Complete the basic skills and achieve a good command in oral French:
    • Able to reformulate, summarize, tell, describe using a precise and adequate vocabulary.
    • Able to speak critically about a subject.
    • Debate orally.
  • Reading :
    • Increase the speed and efficiency of reading by developing student's pleasure of reading.
    • Understanding the meaning of a text by reformulating the main points and answering questions about it.
  • Consolidate basic grammar:
    • Recognition of different types of sentences (affirmative, interrogative, negative).
    • Arrangements determiners, nouns and adjectives.
  • Consolidate the foundations in spelling:
    • Accents.
    • Complex sounds (in, im ... / an, en ...).
    • Learn to spell common words and some invariable words.
    • Write a short text dictation, get used to proofread and correct his/her written text.
    • Write alone a short and simple text.
  • Conjugation:
    • The verbs faire (to do), aller (to go), dire (to say), venir (to come) at the Present tense.
    • The verbs of the first group in the future and imperfect tenses.


  • Comme un livre, CE1, Hachette éducation
  • Comme un livre, Cahier d'exercices 2, Hachette éducation
  • Bescherelle exercices et dictées, CE1, Hatier
  • Lectures silencieuse, CE1, série 2, Hachette éducation
  • Mon gros cahier de dictées, CE1-CE2-CM1-CM2, Rue des Ecoles
  • Bled, CE1, Hachette éducation