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2 Powerscroft Rd
London, E5
United Kingdom

(+44) 792 274 4705

French language saturday school for adults and children in London Hackney - école FLAM de Français pour adultes et enfants à Londres Hackney. Bibliothèque / Library: plus de 1 500 livres et magazines en Français.  


Q. Is it possible to try an adult class before committing?

Private tuitions are proposed by group of 10 or 20 sessions and the curriculum will be setup to meet your needs. Nevertheless, we can organise a trial session before you commit fully. 

Q. Do you offer French private tuition at home for children?

Yes, we offer private tuition at your home or in our classes. As such lessons are tailor made, we can setup a programme adapted to your children. We advise you to take contact with us to discuss your needs further

Q. Do you offer activities for my child even though he/she’s not old enough to go to school?

Yes, our Minis class is perfectly adapted to children aged between 6 and 24 months old (1st group) and 2-4 years old (2nd group). This class is open to all children, being French speaker or not. Moreover, we organise various social and cultural events throughout the year. We also have a library and many books are for young children.

Q. My child is 15 now. Do you offer lessons for teenagers of his/her age?

Age is an important criteria but this is not the only one we take into consideration to accept children in our classes. It is as important to establish his/her level of French. Moreover, we also offer private tuition and open a new classes according to demand. Please contact us and we can discuss the needs of your child in more details.

Q. What do you mean by « francophone » or French speaking?

We consider a child to be French-speaking if he/she understands French and one of the parents is French speaker or if the child lived in a French speaking country for at least 6 months. We shall evaluate all children's level of French during the first two sessions to establish which class is ideal for him/her.

Q.  I am not sure of the level of knowledge in French of my child. How can I choose the right class?

As soon as you let us know of your interest in our classes, we will contact you and discuss your child needs and level of knowledge in French. We will inform you of the most adapted class for your child. If the class is not really matching his/her level, the teacher will inform us and we shall adjust accordingly. And of course, your child can come for a trial-session. 




Q.  My child understands French but usually answers in English. Can he/she still join one of the French speaking classes?

Yes, this is quite a common phenomenon for bilingual children. Your child can still join our French speaking classes and we encourage children to express themselves verbally in French during the class. Moreover, during the class and after, they can socialize with other children in French. 

Q.  Can I pay for my child’s tuition with Childcare Vouchers?

Sorry, we cannot accept Childcare Vouchers at present. We are studying this possibility should we meet the required criteria. We have put in place online payments via GoCardless as well as Paypal to make to process as easy as possible.

Q. My child is on a waiting list, what does that mean exactly?

Your child is on a waiting list as the class meeting his needs is already full. We will contact you should we have a place available during the school year or if we decide to open a new class. We will continue to inform us of social and cultural events throughout the year.

Q. Is it possible for my child to try the class before I commit?

Yes, your child can go to the class adapted to his/her expected needs. This session will allow us to confirm that the class is meeting his/her needs and gives you the opportunity to meet the teacher.

Q.  I am not satisfied with the tuition my child receives. Can I have a refund?

We cannot refund any lesson taken. A child is registered for the full school year. If you wish to withdraw your child from les Crocodiles, you can do so only between terms. You must inform us before the end of the previous term. School fees are due before the beginning of each term and cannot be refunded once the term has started.